Thursday, 6 November 2014

November Playlist

Hello everyone. I thought I would share the songs I've been listening to recently. I really love listening to these tunes whilst going for walks and feel good about life. I hope you enjoy, Feel free to give me some new music to listen to in the comments. 

Chloe x

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn/Fall Shoes Wishlist

Hello everyone!

I thought I would share my wishlist of shoes for this Autumn season. I really love black so here are my must-have boots and shoes for this time of year. I hope you enjoy and feel free to tell me what shoes you want.

 1. Cleated Healed Boots - $47.99 - Blackfive

2. Buckled Wellies - $50 - Mooi En Lief

3. Doc Martens - $310 - Bagheera

4. Ugg Boots - $241 - Van Mildert

5. Converse - $90 - Coggles

6. Nike Roshe Run - $145 - Luisaviaroma

7. Vans - $84 - Coggles

- Chloe

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Weekly Pamper Routine

Hello everyone! 

As Autumn has arrived, and the weather has changed, we need to look after our skin a little bit more. The cold air can really dry out my skin, so I try my best to keep it hydrated and also cleanse my skin a bit more deeply to get rid of dirt from the pollution. Here is my weekly pamper routine for my face. I like to do this routine at least once a week. I hope you enjoy reading this post and you find it helpful. :)

 To start off, I cleanse my face with warm water and my Cetaphil face wash. I find this great as my skin is quite oily in the t-zone and i get a lot of blemishes in that area. Afterwards, I apply one of my favourite masks from Freeman and let it dry. I really love using the clay mask to pull out all of the gunk from my pores, It really works great for me. Once it has dried, I wash it of with a wet flannel and once all the mask has been removed, I splash cold water on my face to close my pores, and then pat my face dry with a clean towel.

After drying my face, I apply my green tea face toner with a cotton ball. This is a really easy toner to make. You just need a clean bottle, then you add boiled water to the green tea in a bowl. After it's cooled down a bit, pour it in your bottle and place in the fridge to keep it fresh and cold. And voila, your very own home made toner!

Once the toner has soaked in and dried, I apply my Clean & Clear Pore Perfecting Moisturiser. I use this in my T-zone as my pores are quite big in that area of my face. I then go ahead and apply my Vaseline Dry Skin moisturiser to the rest of my face, down my neck and around my ears. 

I then moisturise my lips because my lips are always dry and crack really easily.

And last but not least I apply tea tree oil to my spots and voila. 

I hope you enjoyed this pamper routine and feel free to let me know what you use for your skin type. If you know of any good products for combination skin let me know down below, I would love to try some new things out. Have a great day!                                                

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Review: Brakinis Swimwear

Hello everyone!

I know Summer is long gone, but I thought I would still introduce you to my 'Triangl' swimwear dupes from Brakinis that I recently received from them. The lovely Bella from Brakinis offered to send me two pairs of bikinis to review. Hope you enjoy. :)

Each bikini came in these transparent bags with Brakinis written across the front. I personally would not use this bag at the beach but it's a good way to protect the bikini. 

First thing you see when you open the bag is a card with instructions on how to wash your neoprene bikini and how to store it. Just a heads up, I haven't yet used the bikini in water because I got in at the end of the Summer and did not have a chance to go swimming. 

 Once you get the actual bikini out, the bottoms are laid flat in a plastic bag and the top is folded in half. 
You can see 'Brakini' inscribed in the zip of the bikini aswell as a small 'Brakinis' label that can be removed.

The first bikini is the Winnie - Molly Rosewolf. I got the top in an Extra Small and the bottoms in a Small. 
I would say they both fit true to size. My usual bra size is 32B and my bottoms are a UK size 8. The quality is really great and there were no creases in my bikinis at all when I received them.

The second one I got was the Ollie - New York, top in XS and bottoms in S. The bottoms fit perfectly as I said before, but the top on this one was a very weird fit. I had to adjust the strap to the tightest they would go and move the cups around a little because I had a bit of 'side boob'. I probably would not wear this top in the water due to the fact that my breasts may be exposed. Here's a photo of me with this one on, and you may not be able to see but my boobs looked very flat. Very unflattering on me. A bit of a strange bikini top in my opinion, but hey that's just how I feel. 

 I would definitely recommend Brakinis as a good dupe to the Triangl bikinis. The prices are quite reasonable and the quality is really good. I got mine in just under a month, with the E-Packet shipping option, so if you want yours ASAP, you could try the DHL Express shipping for a faster delivery. They also have a wide range of bikinis if these two aren't your style, so go and have a browse. I hope this was somewhat helpful to anyone looking into to buying from this website.

- Chloe xo 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tips to saving money on the latest fashion trends.

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry for not being active on here for a couple of months. My life has been very busy lately and I've been trying to look for a job as I have finished high school. Anyway let's get onto the tips. 

I'm sure you are all aware of the new fashion trends and how expensive it can get to be in 'style' every season of the year. Well, sometimes you just need to stop and realize how much money you are wasting on an item that will be out of style next year. After quitting my part time job, I have found really difficult to save my earnings. Hopefully these tips can help you shopaholics save some cash and still be fashionable.
1. Make a list of things you want to buy and why you need them. I do this all the time for every season and most of the time, the answer to why I need the item is because I saw a famous Youtuber wearing it and I want to be as cute as her. So, after making your list, have a look in your wardrobe and see if you have any of the clothing pieces that you have on your wishlist.
If you do not have any of  the items, you may buy the items. If you have a few of them already, do not go out and buy another black v-neck t-shirt from Brandy Melville just because it's a Brandy Melville piece. You have one of those t-shirts already. Keep it and work with it!

2. Write down the price you are willing to pay for each item. I personally hardly pay over $10 for tops, underwear, accessories and makeup. If I want a striped top, I will find the cheapest one possible. Look on websites like Forever21, Garage, Ardene, Urban Planet and Bluenotes. They all have great basics for reasonable prices. You can also go to thrift stores for great deals. If you want jeans for under $20, go to Winners (T.J Maxx), they have great deals on brand name and unique clothing. Also, you could check out your local dollar store or Walmart for cheap basics. I got a long sleeve top for $3 from Walmart, super inexpensive and decent quality! For shoes, I tend to pay a little more than $30 for good quality shoes that will last me awhile.

3. Do not buy something that is not on your list, just because it's cheap.
Sometimes, I go to buy a pair of shorts and then end up picking up a bikini and flips flops aswell, even though I have 3 pairs at home already. I recommend having cash, so then when you have a $20 bill, you can only spend that much money and won't end up buying the whole store.

4. Look for dupes, discounts and sales. I'm not going to lie, I have also wanted to buy myself a Triangl bikini because they look so pretty, but they are too expensive for my liking. And to be honest with you, I didn't even go swimming once this year. My advice to you is to look up a dupe of the item you want so bad but can't afford. I found a really cheap alternative to Triangl on this website called (and might I add, I asked them if I could get a bikini to review and they sent me two for free, I was so happy! I will have a review up shortly,don't worry.)
Next, discounts and sales. If you know your favourite shoe store is selling those Vans for half off on Labor Day, go and get them at there sale price. Also, if you shop online use Ebate or similar websites to get a cash back percentage. You may not get alot but trust me in the long run it is worth it.

I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to comment down below letting me know what you do to save money whether it be on clothing or groceries.

Much love,

Chloe. x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Triangl DUPES !

Hello everyone!

So as i'm sure you have all heard of Triangl bikinis. I found these neoprene bikinis on Instagram and have wanted to buy a set for a few months now, but I could not justify paying so much for a bikini that I would hardly wear. I then decided to look for some cheaper alternatives, but with the same style so that I will still be fashionable when I go to the beach. I found some for under $30! How amazing is that? They are from and they have a wide variety of 'faux' Triangl bikinis. And yes, i am aware that the quality will not be the same, but the price is much more affordable and the fabric will not make you sweat as much ;) Am I right? I also think that if you are not sure if Triangl bikinis will suit your body shape or for other reasons, you can always try this dupe and see where it takes you.  Have a fab summer and let me know if you have found some dupes of these bikinis.

1. Triangl - Winnie Arizona Sunset $89 Dupe - Dual Tone Bikini $23.99
2. Triangl - Milly Candy Pink $89 Dupe - Eye-Like Cup Sheer Pink Bikini $22.99
3. Triangl - California Coral $79 Dupe - Halter Contrast Pink Bikini $18.99

                                                                   I hope you enjoyed !

- Chloe

Friday, 11 July 2014

Graduating Highschool!

Hello everyone,
I'm so sorry i haven't posted recently. I was really busy with graduation, sports days and final exams.
It's finally SUMMER! YAY! So i thought i would share a few photos of my grad day. Here you go.
Enjoy! :)


I'll be back soon! 
Love Chloe x